Digital data archiving and data backup to the remote server can prevent many problems – an abundance of stress, wasting of money and even business failure. Technologically advanced companies require complex software and hardware solutions, but at the same time everyone wants a cost-efficient IT infrastructure. Therefore, Hestia Pro offers a comprehensive spectrum of IT services, offering you everything from consulting, planning, problem solving and maintenance in one place for a reasonable price.

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Data archiving and other IT services in one place

Data archiving

Data archiving on one or more remote locations prevents data loss due to unintentional deletion, hardware theft, virus attack, hardware malfunction or media. Data archiving enables long-term retention of data that will not be changed through the course of the business operations.

Data backup

Data backup enables the systematic creation of one or more backup copies of a document that is also saved on our computer or servers as the original. Thus, we are able to protect data and their ownership structure against deletion, modification and conversion, but at the same time data backup also allows for easy recovery in case of accidental loss.

Building of computer networks and networking hardware

During the building of computer networks and networking hardware we take care of their planning, building or renewal and even maintenance, regardless of the size, organisation type or geographic location. Building of computer networks as implemented by Hestia Pro is based on the newest technology for connecting wireless or cable network infrastructure. We perform services of building of computer networks and networking hardware between two or more geolocations that can later be expanded or upgraded at any time.

Computer system planning

More complex computer networks require deliberate computer system planning. Computer components are carefully integrated into the device and software system so that the IT infrastructure supports the needs of a company’s modern business processes with maximum efficiency.

Maintenance of IT equipment

We provide comprehensive, reliable and secure maintenance of IT equipment, both software and hardware equipment. We implement the newest information solutions based on the business process requirements. Regular preventive maintenance of IT equipment ensures long-term flawless and cost-effective management of the IT infrastructure. We offer 24-hour customer support for the most difficult systems that is available throughout the year.

Expert consulting

Do you need advice? We offer professional consulting for purchasing a computer and computer components, computer system planning, maintenance of IT equipment, building of computer networks, data archiving, data backup and in case of any problems relating to your IT infrastructure.

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