When you are planning to purchase a computer or a specific computer component, or maybe you a buying a TV, smart device or software, Hestia Pro is the right address. In our store, we offer the newest computer accessories and we specialise in the sale of mobile phones of the highest quality and renowned brands. Last pieces and older stock are available at unbelievably low prices. Visit us and we will happily advise you so you will definitely be satisfied with your purchase.

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Computer accessories and computer components

Certified PCs, computer accessories and computer components that can be found in the Hestia Pro range adapt the user experience to your needs. They entail the newest specifications, upgrade options and optimal prices. And in case you cannot find the right ones, we can adjust a certified PC to suit your taste.

LCD TV, audio and video devices

Are you planning on buying a TV? In the Hestia Pro range, we have brought together LCD TV, audio and video devices of renowned brands in a wide price spectrum. Our friendly consultants will help you to choose the right audio and video devices to suit your needs and not break the bank.

Tablets, mobile phones and smart watches

As part of the modern lifestyle, the sale of mobile phones and other smart devices has made a significant leap. And with it, the software for tablets, mobile phones and smart watches has also been further developed. Hestia Pro offers newest smart devices and a wide range of accessories. Check out our low-cost offers.


Software for PCs or smart devices? For a PC or Mac? For business or personal use? With a touchscreen, mouse or keyboard? In the Hestia Pro range, you can find software that enables the optimal use of your device that suits your lifestyle. Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows, F-secure and more.


Are you looking for accessories for your smartphone, tablet or smart watch? Additional computer accessories from renowned brands such as Logitech, TP Link? Or maybe from other brands? Visit us ta Hestia Pro.

Tablets, mobile phones and smart watches

The Hestia Pro team has many years of experience in offering advice and performing maintenance of personal computers and computer systems. We offer computer repair and other software repair on call or maintenance according to the maintenance contract with the purchase of repair hours or a monthly flat rate. Call us to secure yourself a faster response time, offers when purchasing new equipment and discounts on our services.

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Are computer accessories your next purchase? Do you need a reliable computer repair service?

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